Content Marketing

Customers, prospects and influencers are increasingly tuning out traditional, intrusive marketing communications in favor of the sort of useful, customer-focused information that effective content marketing delivers. At PR Medico, we pride ourselves on building content marketing programs that focus with laser-like precision on the "sweet spot" between our clients' key audiences and their business needs.

PR Medico's proven content marketing programs can be customized to fit your needs, whether you just want a professional editor to review your homegrown content, or a soup-to-nuts turnkey program. We can draft and edit original content and guest contributions, as well as curate industry materials and then slice and dice the information to maximize the value of each item.

We will combine our industry expertise with knowledge gained during interviews with your experts to create keyword-rich, timely content that resonates with your customers and prospects and that earns high search engine rankings. The result is a nearly ubiquitous content marketing program that positions your company as a trusted, go-to resource, expands brand awareness, enhances lead generation and supports sales.

Once your content marketing program is in place, we help you measure its effectiveness and make refinements to ensure it's achieving-if not exceeding-your goals.

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